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Thee Needs Killing Marly David Breithaupt

Thee Needs Killing Marly

David Breithaupt

Published April 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781475094572
350 pages
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 About the Book 

Thee Needs Killing Marly Driving to work, skilled, San Jose Internist and Addiction Specialist, Richard Drinkwater is ambushed and shot in the shoulder by a masked man- fortunately, one with poor aim. Police are stymied. The doc soon suspects one of his patients, Marly Doan, a successful but cocaine-addicted and paranoid defense attorney who thinks his doc gave confidential, medical information to a legal panel resulting in disbarment and criminal charges. In addition to pain, terror and rage over this event, Drinkwater is already enduring a significant episodic depression . After a bungled diagnosis, his wife-also a defense attorney- battles ovarian cancer. It becomes clear Doan has business connections to a complex and ominous Central American drug cartel. Aggressive actions and threats continue. The police attempt inadequate protection. Drinkwater wont hide and is reluctant to arm himself because being raised a Quaker made him a staunch pacifist who loathes and fears guns. The docs general mood and thinking improve and, encouraged by a realistic wife, he reluctantly hires a teacher, buys and learns how to use his gun and masters defensive tactics. He joins his wife in waging Righteous War on their two foes. * * This story is dedicated to all those who have had to put aside their long-held, societal wisdom, personal religious beliefs, even the law and react to protect themselves and loved ones. They confronted unique challenges with what they feel are ethical choices and behaviors . Those who made such decisions only after long, agonizing reflection instead of reacting to impulse deserve even more praise. * * Author, David Breithaupt MD. further comments, Unlike cancer, few are ever stalked by armed predators but everyone has opinions about owning, carrying and using a gun. I hope readers, pro or con, can relate to the moral, ethical issues Drinkwater debates with himself and loved ones. I directed a hospital-based drug treatment center for 20 years and witnessed absurd, dramatic, controversial aspects of addiction- not the least, is it a real, treatable disease? Ive also noted the personal-more mundane-consequences for patients, their loved ones, those who treat them and the frustrations of police and courts in enforcing illogical laws. This is my 2nd novel: R.I.C.E., a 2009 release also concerns the drama of addicted doctors and the roles played by the inevitable, supporting characters: families, colleagues, addiction treaters, and the authorities who must police them. Apathy-rage-victimization-exploitation-revenge are themes explored.