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The Pure: To Catch a Fiend (Vol 1) Kimbro West

The Pure: To Catch a Fiend (Vol 1)

Kimbro West

Published December 14th 2014
Kindle Edition
56 pages
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 About the Book 

Dear Reader,My name is Kimbro West, Author of the Ethan Wright series. I consider myself a storyteller first and a writer second. I try to keep my writing clear and concise so its easy to read, as I want my work to be presented in the most professional manner possible. Ive had a great time writing my novels and hope you have a great time reading them. I will always put forth my best effort to bring you the greatest content imaginable.Also, I wanted to send a personal thank you for considering my books. I know the reader takes a great personal risk when purchasing a book, whether its .99 or ten dollars -- the risk being your time. I believe your time is extremely valuable, and Im honored if you decide to spend it with Ethan and his friends -- THANK YOU!!!Thanks!~KimbroPS. If youre interested in Young Adult fantasy fiction, I want your feedback! I read every review I receive and it helps the future of the series. Positive reviews will help this series gain traction - constructive reviews will help improve my job, which is entertaining you. Thanks!