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Hey Doc! Does Speling Count?: A Satire about the Decline of Higher Education in America William W. Ward

Hey Doc! Does Speling Count?: A Satire about the Decline of Higher Education in America

William W. Ward

Published October 17th 2008
ISBN : 9781926585024
201 pages
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 About the Book 

Hey, Doc! Does Speling Count? is a humorous satire about the many failings of state universities in America. This book is for people who, like Professor Ward, enjoy laughing those willing to poke fun at human behavior and traditional institutions. In particular, it is for those whose lives intersect American education. They wonder what s going on and why.Hey, Doc!--- is for teachers, professors, education administrators, college graduates, business leaders, legislators, working professionals, serious college students, and self-sacrificing parents, whose monthly checks wind up paying for three-day weekend college football bashes. And, it is for Professor Ward s barber who wonders why his college-educated patrons have nothing more important on their minds than last weekend s football scores.As a university professor of thirty-one years, Dr. Ward has observed just about everything happening on campus some of it is truly shocking. An idealistic reformer, he wanted to write a factual expose about university mismanagement. But, fearing massive retaliation tell-all authors attract, he shied away. Instead, he resorted to crafting his 5000 protest letters about university mismanagement with humor, satire, irony, and sarcasm. These letters became the genesis of this book. Hey, Doc!--- provides a fresh look at the college scene, ridiculing students, professors, administrators, and union leaders, while lampooning much of what happens on the State U. campus. When you are not laughing out loud with Professor Ward s special brand of humor, you will be shocked and dismayed to read his revelations of widespread university mismanagement.About the Author:A world expert in the biochemistry of GREEN FLUORESCENT PROTEIN, Dr. Ward has 120 professional publications to his credit and has taught hundreds of sections of college courses, freshman level to graduate level. His continuing professional education courses in biotechnology have attracted more than 1200 industrial scientists from all around the world. He has presented 50 platform talks at national and international meetings, addressing up to 500 attendees and he has run three international symposia on GFP. Dr. Ward has given keynote addresses to audiences in Cambridge, England, Pembrokshire, Wales, Asilomar, CA, Blacksburg, VA, and Greensboro NC. He has been filmed by ABC for a NYC news broadcast and has been interviewed on radio. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Ward has appeared as a tenor in a dozen community theater productions including four Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.Partnering with his multi-talented illustrator, Lori Baratta, he is working on four other satires, Turn Right To Go Left, about New Jersey driving, Snake Oil, Revisited, exposing over-the-counter quackery, Why Do They Jog When They ve Nothing That Jiggles, about the silly things people do, and GW Bush, America s 44th Best President, a scathing expose of #43.