Bizzare and Disconcerting Invitation

Just heard some news that the Institute of Psychiatry has invited Professor Charles Nemeroff to deliver an inaugural lecture. The thing about Nemeroff, as I discuss in Cracked, is that he has received $2.8 million in personal income from drug companies. He also failed to report most of this to the University in contravention of federal research rules. Today I therefore wrote this email to the Institute of Psychiatry (feel free to send your own emails too, the address is: 

Dear Professor Carmine,
My name is Dr James Davies, author of a recent critical book on psychiatry called, Cracked. As an academic and clinician who is deeply concerned with the close ties between the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatry, and as someone who aims to expose these ties wherever possible, it came as a shock to me to hear that The Institute of Psychiatry has decided to invite Charles Nemeroff to deliver the inaugural lecture at the Centre of Affective Disorders. 
This seems to be a peculiar decision for the Institute to make given that Nemeroff has consistently behaved in a manner I believe unbefitting of a medical professional. He has consistently failed to report to authorities the full extent of his pharmaceutical income. Nemeroff’s activities have brought psychiatry into disrepute, this is why your issuing this invitation appears both bemusing and self-defeating. At a time when psychiatry is under considerable media scrutiny, bestowing such an honour upon such a controversial figure sends out the wrong message – one that will no doubt be read by many as indicating that the institute sees nothing amiss with such activities. 

Please reconsider your decision.  

Yours Sincerely

Dr James Davies


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  1. Jorge Ramírez

    Reblogged this on Chaos Theory and Human Pharmacology and commented:
    The Colombian Psychiatry Association also invited Professor Charles Nemeroff as one of their key speakers during their last meeting (Cartagena, Colombia, 2014).

    Read more in the following URL:

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