“James Davies’s Top 10 Psychiatry Critiques” The Guardian, June 2013

In this article James discusses some of his favourite books on critical psychiatry.


“Big Pharma’s Placebo Problem”. Salon, August 2013

In this article James discusses the lucrative yet dubious rebranding tactics of the pharmaceutical industry


‘Does Your Child Really Have a Behavioural Problem’? The Times, May 2013

This article features an extract from Cracked on ADHD.

The Times – ‘Does your child really have a behavioural problem‘.


‘Why Britain is Hooked on Happy Pills’ The Times Magazine, May 2013

This feature, by the journalist Robert Crampton interviews James about his book, work and life.

The Times Magazine ‘Why Britain is hooked on happy pills’


‘Why Full Disclosure is Healthy’: New Scientist, February 14 2012.

In this, James asks whether British people know enough about the financial interests of those writing health articles? Is it time to toughen editorial codes?


‘Label jars, not people: Lobbying against the shrinks’: New Scientist, 17 May 2012

In this, James reports on a recent protest at the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting


‘The Deceptions of the Pharmaceutical Industry’: Therapy Today, 8 October 2012

This article asks to what extent the antidepressant industry needs an overhaul